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From: Jay roberts
Subject: "Farn Boy Gives it Up" by Jay Roberts Gay RuralWhenever the word "farm" appears it's usual a good story for kids, but not
this one. This one is porno and not for under 18 folks. If you are under
18, or if you are disapproving of this sort of story....go back to your TV
and leave the rest of us 'verts to our guilty enjoyment.
Foreword: I know you hate them and wonder if the author will ever get to
the story, but I want to mention that the Farm boy in this story has never
been fucked. Because of his cleverness he has always turned the tables on
the would be fucker.
Ennis was your prime example of rural, male, farm boy gorgeousness. Most
girls and some guys grew breathless and yearning when young lolita hardcore sex they viewed his
rugged physique and his boyish face. His blond-brown hair cascaded
charmingly over his forehead and showed off his button nose over his
generous pink mouth. When he smiled with those white, milk fed teeth, he
could convince you to do anything. At least that had been the way in his
nineteen years up to now.Ennis sure wasn't a fashion plate. In this college of neat agricultural
students, he stood out with his well worn overalls, one strap broken and
hanging down, offering a glimpse of his smooth, tan, glossy shoulder. The
wide gap allowed a tall fellow to look right down his muscular waist into
the enticing flesh that led to slim waist.You would think that Ennis' farm boy clothes would be appropriate for an
agri school, but actually the other boys were conscious of being grown up
college men and they aped the fancy schools turning out in chinos and short
sleeve shirts.Ennis was not only good to look at, but had a sweet, loving, caring nature.
His freshman roomie Chester, or Chet, felt he was fortunate in pulling such
a nice guy. Ennis was neat and quiet and often took on more cleanup duties
than his share.Chet was an angelic-looking kid, his five foot six inch frame contained a
package of male good looks. His dark, wavy hair needed a trimming, but the
effect was very romantic. He had large gray, expressive eyes and a curly,
puffy center to his lips that demanded his listener to stare at it in
fascination. The boy was ripped, mostly from his swimming team work.
Ennis had seen him naked many times and marveled at the boy's great
endowment of penis and balls. They seemed to belong to a six footer.
Girls knew all about his potency and sexual appearance for Chet was the
champion womanizer on campus. He said shyly that he was addicted to
getting layed at least once a day. Ennis had not hooked up with man, woman
or beast yet and was beginning to get a strong sexual yearning. Chet
offered to share a girl with him, but Ennis thought it wasn't gentlemanly,
he declined; Chet shrugged.What was slowly happening to Ennis is that he was falling in lust with
Chet. This was new for him. He had some sexual experience with his cousin
Wesly, but it was more in the way of a relieving of youthful tension, not
love. But when he met his roommate three months ago, he was instantly
smitten with his cute good looks and he found himself waking at night and
going across the room to stare down on the sleeping boy, looking, in his
profound slumber, even more desirable. It was a dead end to dream about
sex with Chet. Chet was a committed and successful guy for the girls.One day everything changed.Suddenly the boy/girl ratio on campus changed. Almost every girl loaded on
buses two days ago for the big softball championship. For two days with no
sex grew to be four days with no sex. Chet was getting jumpy and
irritable. On the third day he tossed and turned in his bed unable to
sleep. Across the room he heard the soft sighs of his sweet roomie slowly
and luxuriously wanking.He called out, "Hey Ennis. You feeling good? I just don't wank, although
I ought to being so deprived these days."Ennis was a little shocked to realize that his private moment had been
observed. He answered breathlessly, "Yep, it feel damn good, I need this
tonight.""You nearly finished?""Nosiree, I ulways takes a long time to keep the good lolita kds top 50 feelings goin'"There was silence for awhile, only the now juice sound of the farm boy's
sliding was heard."Uh, Ennis, pre teen lolita topsites you're my best friend here in school, right? If I asked for a
favor, would you do it?"Ennis stopped his self stimulation and sat up. "Why sure friend Chet, I'd
do almost anythin' for you shorta murder."Chet through back his bed covers and slipped out of bed. He was naked, the
way he usually slept. Ennis could see his penis was hard and sticking out
and waggling as he walked toward Ennis's bed. Ennis lifted up a bit to
watch. "Here's the thing friend Ennis, I am almost out of my mind for not
having sex in the last few days. It's making me ill physically too. You
can help.""How's that Chet?""Wank me off. Nothing sexy, just do it like you are giving a massage or
putting a band-aid on me.""Okay, if'n you'll insist, I'll try to bear up doin' it. Here slip into my
bed next to me."Oh boy, Ennis was assailed with Chet's delicious jock boy odor and the
extra sexy odor emanating from Chet's public area. Ennis reached his hand
out and made a loose open fist and took hold of the dripping cock. Chet
let out a long held breath. "That's it. It feels so good. Move faster
and hold tighter. I promise I'll come quick. But he didn't. Ennis tried
every sort of motion and grip. He even tickled the heavy balls and pulled
them gently. pre teen lolita topsites
Chet liked it. Chet approved with satisfied hums, but no
completion."Am I doin' it wrong?" Ennis asked breathlessly, his own prick in a hard as
rock state."No, you're doing the best you can and I appreciate it very much.""Do you think you'd like to do the same with my male organ?"Chet lifted his head. "I know you'd like that, but friend I just can't do
that. I can't make love to a guy, it's against my nature. Except....""'Cept what?""Well I could get myself off, maybe you do but my cock just doesn't cotton
to a hand job, I need a cunt.""None 'round here that I kin see Chet.""There is if you just think about it."Ennis thought about it for awhile. "Now Chet, I mighty sure you are not
referrin' to my nether region. You know I have corn holed young lolita hardcore sex a few times, but
I was alwus the holer, never the holee." Ennis thought about the many
times he had cleverly fooled guys that hankered for his pretty ass. He'd
say "I'm too sceered. Kin I try doin' it a lil' bit jus' to see what it's
lak?"They were usually so anxious to enter him that they'd agree to anything.
Then when his country pork sausage was in them and they were wailing to get
it all the way in and turned to girly bottoms, he really fuck them. They
knew they were fooled and lost as bottoms now.So Ennis knew the risk, yet he lusted after any sex with Chet, even if it
had risks of him losing his manliness. "Okay friend, you may corn hole me,
jes' this once and just for enough time to get off and never speak of it
agin'"Of course Chet agreed. His cock was almost dripping as much pre cum as he
normally shot when he came.He told milk boy to get on his back and lift his legs. Ennis was already
feeling girly from the position, especially when the dark haired shorter
boy lifted his smooth legs and tucked them under his arms and held tight.
He put the head of his cock against Ennis's backwoods hole and smiled as he
felt the teen lolita pussy galleries farm boy's pucker flexing and kissing the head. For the first
time he knew that the plower wanted to be plowed, even if he didn't know it
himself.Chet stayed just when he head inside. Ennis was huffing and puffing like a
race horse. "Are you okay, ready for rural rutting boy?"Ennis grunted, "You talk too much and move too little city boy. Give me
another inch or two of your needy sex organ."Chet almost laughed out loud. He was used to being successful in getting a
girl to submit, but this added to his self congratulations. Here was a
boy, bent to satisfy his needs and desires. This was heady stuff. He slid
in slowly, inch by inch until his wild dark pubic hair was against Ennis's
smooth hairless butt. As he advanced Ennis cried real tear. He explained
that it wasn't pain, "No sir, it's joy."He loved the feeling of giving up his cleverness and just submitting to
Chet's superior technique. He wanted more. "Hey you stuck up rich boy,
git with it. Fuck me lak I was a mare for stud."That was all Chet needed. His conscious mind slipped down to the animal
level like it did when he fucked girls. He pulled back and slammed
forward. Ennis howled and bawled his pleasure. Pretty soon Chet was
sweating with sexual excitement and his balls were pulling up to the shoot
position. He began to feel a little sorry for Ennis and he reached forward
and took Ennis's stiff cock in his hand. He had never touched another guy
before, but this felt good, video lolita nudist fitness especially because he thought so highly of it's
owner. As soon as Ennis felt the hand he began to teen lolita pussy galleries cry out louder, mewling
and drooling, in total submission.But it had to end. Ennis felt his cock child lolita nude art
begin to pulse and then it sent out
a first stream of farm milk that hit his chin, then three more. The
quaking of his asshole was transmitted to Chet's ready-to-spill cock and he
let out a loud grunt and shot into the waiting hole. He kept grunting and
flexing as he emptied his balls.When it was over he ignored Ennis's pursed lips looking for a kiss.
Instead he cupped Ennis on the arm and went back to his bed where he fell
into a deep noisy, snorey sleep. Ennis felt a little lost but he was able
to get to sleep remembering the hot sex he had just enjoyed.Chet made no attempt to repeat for two preteen lolita pussy pictures days. Finally Ennis asked him,
"Chet, are we goin' do it again soon. I'd like that fine.""Do what?" Chet said pretending ignorance and hoping he could get the
innocent plow boy to say it.""I guess I mean fuckin' me. I been dreamin' 'bout it,""That's nice kiddo. Perhaps if I get into a dry spell I might just use
your tender pink hole. Just hold the thought."Well, not more than a day later Chet came back to the dorm room late at
night and his noisy entrance woke up Ennis who always tried to get nine
hours sleep. nude lolitas and nymphets
"What's up Chet?" asked the sleep Ennis."Oh that bitch. She back out of a good lay because it was her time oi the
month. It wouldn't both me but she's particular about that. Say my sweet
roomie, how about it. preteen lolita pussy pictures
You feel like lending your ass."Well Ennis didn't like such crudeness but he was hankerin' for more of
Chet's lovin'. He settled himself on his back and lifted his legs exposing
his hairless pink ass hole. Chet laughed. "Already in position, you hot
bottom boi. Not this time, I think it's too gay to look into your eyes
while I'm fucking you. Get on your knees and elbows like a good farm
animal."Ennis was really disappointed and almost ready to refuse but his cock was
up and jumpin' and he was already breathing hard. He's do what he could to
get that cock in there. Chet laughed and slapped the warm ass cheeks and
slid his finger up and down the moist ass crack and rubbed the puckered
hole. Ennis was softly moaning and moving his ass around begging to be
fucked.Chet got out of his clothes quickly, he shook his cock and it responded
immediately as always. He put it against Ennis's opening. "Okay farm
girl, what do you want, say it loud.""I want you to fuck me hard." Ennis said, surprising himself.This time Chet wasn't gentle. He slammed his cock into the hot rural hole.
Ennis howled at the surprise and the slight pain, but his ass took over and
he pushed back to get more. Chet began a vigorous fuck, caring only for
his hard release, not worrying about poor Ennis.In a short time Chet screamed that he was cumming. Ennis felt the hot lava
hitting his insides and went immediately into a heavy cum, almost blanking
out from the intensity. When it was over Chet pulled out, wiped his cock
on Ennis's sheet and slapped the boy's ass. "What do you say farm boy?"Ennis almost whispered, "Thank you Chet for that fuck.""You are entirely welcome, but I don't think there'll be any repeats. Next
time Sue says she's on the rag, I'll fuck her anyway. Night."Ennis lay in bed, his ass slowly leaking Chet's copious cum. He's have to
think through this whole thing. Maybe he'll ask his friend back home who
he had corn holed more than a dozen times what he thought about this
situation with Chet.But the problem with Chet dissolved because Chet was thrown out of school.
It seemed he tried too hard to fuck a girl and she called it rape.EndNot so nice for Chet. Not so nice for poor sweet Ennis, but he was
resilient and he had many sexual adventures in front of him in which he
controlled the partners.
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